Economic impact of sustainable concrete

The strategic goal of the project is to create a Europe-wide, sustainable, high-value outlet for EOL concrete. At present, the recycling infrastructure for EOL buildings has advanced to the point that buildings are being effectively dismantled and selectively demolished to produce a number of highly concentrated waste fractions. The costs of recycling are covered by the materials market value of the main waste fractions of minerals, steel and wood. Unfortunately, the present outlet is not sustainable for the largest recycled material fraction like concrete. The creation of such a parallel outlet for EOL concrete will increase or at least maintain its present market value so the advancement of effective dismantling and selective demolition will be promoted all over Europe.

C2CA will push the market demand for high-volume C&DW by separating the concrete fraction into its constituent components and using them in high-value applications such as clean aggregates and new cement. The C2CA route also shows the way to levelling the playing field of primary and secondary raw materials by eliminating the uncertainty in quality while it facilitates the logistical optimization of building materials transport in Europe.

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