The C2CA project

The project Advanced Technologies for the Production of Cement and Clean Aggregates from Construction and Demolition Waste, in short C2CA, builds on strong European academic-industrial partnerships in the fields of waste processing and recycling, including those involved in areas such as cement chemistry and sensor technologies for quality control. This ensures the project covers the different regions and markets. The project goes beyond state-of-the-art advances, in particular in materials separation technology (Advanced Dry Recovery - ADR), sensor quality control, process modelling, life-cycle analysis, life-costs analysis and policy development. Leading experts from universities, companies and big cement industries join together in C2CA. Companies and industries are primarily responsible for turning the results of research, technology development and design into effective equipment and processes, thereby demonstrating the technologies to interested businesses.

The industrial partners in cement/concrete production and building are committed to their expertise in their fields as well as their unique capability to quickly create Europe-wide impact using the new C2CA technologies.

14 partners from 8 different countries have joined forces for this amazing project.

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