Strukton civiel

Strukton Civiel specialises in infrastructure projects. As far as we are concerned, this is the best and most exciting market on the planet. Construction, making things, making a valuable contribution to people’s everyday lives… That is what fuels us. Daring, pushing forward, being creative, working in close consultation… These are the qualities found in the genes of all Strukton employees.

Strukton Civiel consists of a number of companies that collectively provide infrastructure solutions. To satisfy the growing demand for more complete and complex products, today’s era demands multi-disciplinary solutions. Our innovative and problem-solving abilities as an infrastructure provider are increasingly emphatically required. Strukton provides integral solutions with a high level of service, in which the end-user is always the starting point. We think along with our clients, maintaining an overview of the entire process chain from the first draft through to the operational phase. We prefer working in complex project environments in which specialisations are essential.

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