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C2CA list of deliverables

This is the updated list of produced deliverables. If you want to know more about a specific deliverable and/or to receive a copy, you may contact the coordinator filling in the contact information form.


List of C2CA deliverables:

D1.1 Assessment report on structure and materials

D1.2 Strategy report for dismantling and demolition

D1.3 Evaluation of effectiveness of the new strategy for dismantling and demolition

D1.4 Report on airborne dust characteristics

D1.5 Report on economic analysis and optimization

D2.1 Characterization of the C&DW aggregates

D2.2 Samples of concrete and RMX with range of 5 replacement ratio’s by C&DW material

D2.3 Characterization according to EN12620 and industry standard

D2.4 EU25 list of standards for concrete products and RMX

D3.1 Report on particulate solids products characteristics as they result from ADR processing

D3.2 Report describing CFD modelling procedures and related simulation code

D3.3 Evaluation of effectiveness prototype separation performance

D3.4 Intermediate and steel products characteristics finalised to their certification for specific applications

D3.5 Report on wet separation applied to intermediate products

D4.1 Report of chemical and mineralogical characterization of representative ADR fine fraction samples

D4.2 Industrial test protocol and large scale industrial test trial in cement plant

D4.3 Report of physical, chemical and mineralogical characterization of green cement trial output

D5.1 Strategy optimization

D5.2 Report on breaking fractions and ADR output

D5.3 Evaluation of mortar properties and quality

D5.4 Report on cement production and quality of products

D5.5 Documentation of the reuse of the recycled concrete

D6.1 Model of kiln operation using the separator exit stream as solids charge

D6.2 External wall temperature profile for comparison with measurements under typical farine  conditions

D6.3 Parametric study of the effects of feed composition on clinker composition and energy balance

D6.4 Sensitivity analysis of feed properties, heat transfer and kinetics for the clinkerisation reactions

D7.1 Quality inspection method for on-site assessment of drilled concrete cores

D7.2 Inspection method for on-site assessment of the quality of the demolition process

D7.3 Methods for detection of engineering properties (physical and pollutants) of the concrete stream

D7.4 Quality inspection methods for ADR output fractions

D8.1 Workshop report defining systems

D8.2 Primary understanding of options for EOL concrete management and eco-design

D8.3 Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis of demonstration cases

D8.4 Potential impact and benefits at European and national levels

D8.5 Summary of WP8 findings including detailed interpretation and analysis of risks uncertainty

D9.1 Performance measurement framework with benchmarks

D9.2 Eco-design recommendations

D9.3 Policy recommendations

D9.4 Improvement potential quantified at two scale levels

D9.5 Format for Materials Transition Data bank

D10.1 Training & dissemination courses

D10.1 Training & dissemination courses

D10.2 Training & dissemination reports

D10.3 Students’ thesis or final report

D10.4 Seminars’ proceedings

D10.5 Web site design

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