C2CA Deliverables

This is the updated list of produced deliverables. If you want to know more about a specific deliverable and/or to receive a copy, you may contact the coordinator filling in the contact information form.

Deliverable name

 - Assessment report on structure and materials.

 - Strategy report for dismantling and demolition.

 - Evaluation of effectiveness of the new strategy for dismantling and demolition.

 - Report on airborne dust characteristics.

 - Report on economic analysis and optimization.

 - Characterization of the C&DW aggregates.

 - Samples of concrete and RMX with range of 5 replacement ratio’s by C&DW material.

 - Report on particulate solids products characteristics as they result from ADR processing.

 - Report describing CFD modelling procedures and related simulation code.

 - Demolition strategy optimization.

 - Report on breaking fractions and ADR output.

 - Workshop report defining system scope, boundaries, impacts to be considered and data tasks

 - Publication plan

 - Web site design

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